RoleChess - Board Game

RoleChess™ is a combination of Chess and a role game that is played with pieces similar to those used in Chess. The movements of pieces differ a bit from those of the pieces used in Chess.

Nevertheless, the biggest difference from Chess is in the progress of the game.

Different types of pieces possess an energy amount of their own, and additionally, they have certain attack and defence coefficients, which when multiplied by the number of spots of a dice, determine the attack or defence score of the piece in question in a battle. The difference between the attack and defence score affects the energy amount to be lost by the pieces.

    • Finnish design
    • Wooden game board and pieces
    • For over 5 years old
    • 2 players
    • Duration of game approx. 30-60 minutes
    • Game board and pieces
    • Manual (in Finnish, in Swedish and in English)
    • Game cards
    • Dices and pencils


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